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I am honored to partner up with Every Mother Counts
for their mother's day campaign and beyond.

As a mother of three I feel blessed every single day. I cannot imagine the fear and trepidation that accompanies so many mothers around the world as they go on to deliver their babies often in the most terrifying situations. Please help us by raising awareness and support for this amazing organization that strives to reduce maternal mortality globally.


For my debut as an EMC Partner, I created four Special Edition bracelets.
For this design I chose wire as my medium. Each bracelet features two faceted stones embedded in multiple strands of wire.

A single wire, like a single person, may seem unremarkable; but within each of them, lie beauty and strength, limitless endowments.

When united create something extraordinary. This bracelet is a symbol of the fortitude we possess, as we join together to support global maternal health.



50% of the sales of this product
will be donated to
Every Mother Counts

Purchase the bracelets on
our eboutique here

  In 2005, Christy became an advocate for maternal health for both CARE and (RED). In 2010, she completed and debuted her documentary film, NO WOMAN, NO CRY, about the global state of maternal health, at the 2010 Tribeca Film Festival in New York City and on the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN) on Mother's Day 2011. Concurrent with the debut of her documentary, Christy launched Every Mother Counts, an advocacy and mobilization campaign to increase education and support for maternal mortality reduction globally. Every Mother Counts seeks to engage new audiences to better understand the challenges and the solutions while encouraging them to take action to improve the lives of girls and women worldwide.  

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